Friday, March 5, 2010

Mrs. Obama: Let's Help without harm.

The childhood obesity crisis has many, including the White House, in a panic scrambling to cut out fats and push kids onto treadmills. I worry about the panic's backlash: shame, deprivation, and punishment. These experiences set the stage for binge eating and depression.

Mrs. Obama promises to help kids get healthier. Helping without harming is like walking a tight rope without safety nets. Check out this newsletter from dietitian, therapist, and master tight rope walker Ellyn Satter. It contains her letter to Mrs. Obama on specifically how to help without harm.

Ellyn Satter: Help Without Harm


Anne-Marie said...

The new thing is to tax soft drinks, which won't happen because the beverage lobby is way too strong. Instead we should end subsidies on corn and start subsidizing farmers who are raising green veggies and fruits. Let's make them less expensive and more available than the soda!

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr